Septic Tank & System Inspection Ottawa, Ontario

Septic inspections are beyond the scope of most home inspections. We can give you advice as to the condition of the soils and septic systems in most Ottawa areas and what you can expect (especially pertaining to costs) if you find problems, or if the system is expected to keep working for many more years.

The Report

The report will include full details about the soundness of the septic system and will include a drawing of the location of the system. The septic inspection report summary includes recommended repairs and best practices that will extend the life of the assessed septic system.

Probe Testing

The septic inspection will locate the “key” elements of the system (septic tanks and leaching fields) and determine if they are experiencing hydraulic distress (meaning the septic tank and fields are flooded).

Evaluate pipes, excavate suspicious areas

Every aspect of the system, tanks, weeping field pipes and distribution box are examined,as well as wet areas in the leaching field or adjacent areas.

When combined with a home inspection, the septic inspection is done by a team in order to reduce total inspection time.  There is also a $150 reduction in price if both inspections are completed by this company at the same time.


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Septic Pumping Ottawa

Septic pumping in Ottawa is a crucial part of maintaining your septic system. Moreover, there is no alternative to it. The regularity of septic pumping is influenced by the size of your household, level of wastewater generated, the volume of solids and lastly, the size of your septic tank. If you are unsure of when you last pumped the septic system or are facing problems of foul odour and pooling water, it may be time for a septic system inspection.

At Doyle & Galdamez Home Inspection & Septic Service, we provide you with a thorough and accurate description of the current situation of your septic tank. Our report gives you a detailed guide entailing all the recommended repairs, their implications and priority levels. We also provide you with an estimated repair cost to make your future repair process smooth. Our experience of working with over 10,000 families has given us an insight into the common problems usually faced by homeowners. So, we have also included advice on how to prolong the life of your septic system.

Septic Inspection Ottawa

Septic tanks are often overlooked when it comes to regular maintenance. However, contrary to popular opinion, a septic inspection is as necessary as a home inspection. This is because broken septic tanks can cause significant damage- both to your property and your loved ones. Hence, it is recommended that one gets a septic inspection at least once a year.

At Doyle & Galdamez, we provide an accurate septic system inspection in Ontario. We inspect all aspects of your system and pay special attention to the key elements of the system, such as tanks and leach fields and investigate them for hydraulic distress.

With experience from inspecting over 10,000 properties, we have come to know the problems that homeowners usually face when it comes to maintaining their home and septic systems. Hence, we provide you with correct and efficient measures to combat any issues we have found and also include repair recommendations and advise you on how to increase the life of your septic system.

Septic Systems Ottawa

Have you detected an odour around your house or find pools of water around it? Is your grass also seeming unusually greener? If yes, then it is time to call for a septic tank inspection in Ontario. It is better not to wait and contemplate as broken septic systems can cause significant damage to both your health and your property. Get an inspection to be sure and gain peace of mind.

Doyle & Galdamez’s well-trained and experienced inspectors will provide you with a meticulous service, which will rule out the possibility of a broken system through a detailed report. If there is a fault, you get information about the recommended repairs and their priority levels. You also get an estimated cost of repairs to help make you an informed decision. We are also members of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI), so you can expect a high-quality service that is also reliable and trustworthy.

Septic Tank Inspection Cost

Septic tank inspection is a crucial aspect of maintaining your septic systems in Ottawa. An improperly functioning system can lead to foul odour, pooling water and sewage backup. This can be detrimental to the overall health of your family.

Money spent on sub-optimal inspection is money wasted. This is because if the service providers miss an aspect that requires care, you are left to face the dreaded consequences. So what’s the use of hiring them in the first place? It may even cause more damage as you will not feel the need to check the system. This way, an average septic tank inspection can cost you more!

At Doyle & Galdamez, you can expect a high quality and comprehensive service that will be every dollar you spend. You can also avail a discount of $150 by availing both of our home inspection and septic inspection in Ottawa together.


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